Obtaining new credit lines and even renewing existing ones are increasingly complex activities. Borrowers have to assess the nature of their banking relations, analyse alternatives, determine the true cost of capital and deal with debt as part of an effective strategy.

Inadequately structured credit lines can reduce profitability, increase financial risks and reduce operational efficiency.

GMB helps its clients with refinancing projects, and bank debt rescheduling and restructuring.


GMB Consulting's debt advisory services will help you to achieve your targets using the following approach:


The GMB Consulting team has analysed bank and financial contracts (project, loan, leasing and IRS) in the photovoltaic and wind power industries for over 314 positions, amounting to over €2.1 billion and 763,3 MW.

Since 2015, we have closed refinancing transactions worth €964 million and 284,3 MW.
940 mln 70 mln 342 763 MW mln refinancing transactions savings achieved positions analysed


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